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for light truck, four wheel drive, SUV, and Jeep

VISIT: Distribution of aftermarket accessories for light truck, four wheel drive, SUV, and Jeep

LK Automotive Repair Services

Oil Changes

• Use high quality Kendell Semi-synthetic oil of all viscosities
• High quality Wix filters
• All oils changes include full inspection, without removing components unless specified.
• Check on all fluids and filters with report of condition

Electric and Engine Diagnostics

• Diagnose all makes and models
• Diagnose all trouble lights (i.e. Service Engine light, ABS light, etc.)
• Diagnose charging and starting systems
• Up-to-date scan tools and software

General Repair

Included, but not limited to:
• Breaking systems
• Suspension and steering systems
• Full engine tune ups and service
• Drivetrain and powertrain
• Fluid leaks
• Exhaust systems


• Tire sales
• Installation and balance
• Leak and puncture repair
• Rims, after market and stock
• Tire drop off (Tire Stewardship licensed)

Safeties and Annuals

• Safety certification for vehicles and trailers
• Ministry of transportation annuals for trucks and trailers
• Certified repair shop

Preventative Maintenance

• Specialize in all fluid flushes, using B.G. Products (ask about our B.G warranty program)
• Every oil change includes a vehicle inspection
• By appointment, we offer free basic inspection